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April 2015

NSV Camp at Bettiah JOC

In April 2015, District Health Society (DHS) of Bettiah and Commissioner of Tirhut Division, Muzaffarpur presented an award to Janani for successful contribution in the area of Tubal Ligation and Non Scalpel Vasectomy for FY 2014-15. Janani had been conducting NSV outreach in these two districts in coordination with the Govt. of Bihar family planning division.

February 2015

NSV Camp at Bettiah JOC

In February 2015, Janani’s NSV team had conducted camp, where 20 NSVs were performed. This was our first fixed day camp of NSV at JOC in Bettiah district.

1. NSV clients

2. Operation procedure at OT

March 2014

NSV camps

In month of March three NSV camps were organized in Motihari and Bettiah districts of Bihar, during these three days 88 male sterilizations were performed from which 60 NSVs conducted at Motihari camps and 28 in Bettiah camp respectively. This was a great effort of our field force of East and West Champaran and Doctor who made this possible. In NSV , special attention was the gift (wrist watch) which was presented to Surya Health Promoters for tremendous support to Janani in generating clients for camps.

March 2015

Bihar Divas (day) : Bihar Divas was started and celebrated on large scale by Bihar Government in the tenure of Nitish Kumar. Bihar Day is much more than celebration. It is more than another public holiday. It is more than the pride and excitement of citizens who call themselves Biharis. Bihar Day, celebrated on 22 March to commemorate the State’s separation from Bengal in 1912, is the one day of the year where over 104 million individual Biharis, regardless of their religious beliefs, can come together in shared experience; an experience that may not be easy or necessary to articulate, but that – often unconsciously – binds them to this remarkable land and its people. The celebrations of the Bihar Divas on March 22, every year, crossed the boundaries of the state and the country.

During Bihar Divas celebration, Janani has put-up the family planning stall, where the most of the eligible couples and individuals were counselled on available family planning method. Moreover, IEC material- leaflet, Key ring, Handkerchief and Pen given to peoples who visited to the Janani’s stall. To promote Janani range of contraceptive and reproductive products, we had organized three days street show over there. Apart from these there was various quiz competition conducted among the audience. And, male winners were distributed condoms and female winners were given Sanitary Napkin, Nail Polish and Bindi (forehead decoration) as a prize.

People visited to Janani’s FP stall

Street players perform show on theme of Surya services

Audience participation in quize shows

A participant standing with a Mithun comdom

November 2014

Sonepur Mela (Animal fair)

Sonepur Mela (Cattle Fair) was held on Kartik Poornima (full moon day) in the month of November in Sonepur, Bihar on the confluence of river Gandak. More than 8.5 lakhs people visit every year during the occasion. Several consumers, Pharma, Mechinaries Company NGO’s like us put their stall for a month over there.

With A counsellor and four members, Janani has provided female and male ligation services in coordination with District State Health Society. This fair inaugurated on 5th November, 2014 and continued till 4th December, 2014. During the one month fair 428 ligations were done through camp. Moreover, we distributed handouts, IEC activities to promote our brand. Pomotional activity van was also moving in the surrounding to get clients for ligation.

Sonepur Mela 2015

February 2014

57th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology conference

The 57th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference held in Patna under the aegis of Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India. AICOG is a great opportunity for Obstetricians and Gynecologists all around the world to share the most updated information in different fields of this specialty. The conference aimed to disseminate recently acquired scientific knowledge Health and Family Planning and skills as well as to provide a platform to ruminate on controversies. Conference ensured that such knowledge and discussions bear fruits by actually being put in practice in treating women.

In the conference Janani participated and put up stall over there. We displayed our all range of contraceptive products.

Khagra Mela (Annual Fair at Khishanganj)

An annual fair, Khagra Mela was once considered one of the biggest fairs of Bihar and the country as well. Khagra Mela is inaugurated every year on January 26th and the fair goes for one month till February end. Cattles are major attraction of the fair, besides, the shops dealing in clothes, toys, bangles, eatables add more charm. Most of the shops sell the items in fixed prices fondly called, ‘Har Ek Maal’. As an IEC activity Janani has put up stall and promoted the Surya range of the contraceptive, beside that mobile van was moving around with loudspeaker.

January 2014

Mobile Van Unit (IFHI Project)

Under the Integrated Family Health Initiative of CARE, Janani continued to expand family planning service access through the use of the Mobile FP Van. In January 2014, a total of 9 IUCD days through the mobile van were organized, where 86 new clients underwent IUCD insertion and 107 were visited for follow-up check-ups. At this time the Mobile Van is still running on a pilot basis but the State Health Society of Bihar is planning to replicate this learning very soon in another 18 more districts in coordination with Janani. In January, BMGF representatives from Seattle and New Delhi visited our Patna JOC and saw the mobile van which they are supporting.

Janani Sponsorship of the Senior National Kabaddi Championship

Kabaddi is a competitive sport unique to India. Two teams occupy opposite halves of a small swimming pool or field and take turns sending a "raider" into the other side, to win points by tackling members of the opposing team; then the raider tries to return to his own side.

The 61st Senior National Kabaddi Championship was held in Patna from 21st January 2014 to 24th January 2014, at the Patliputra Sports Complex. Matches were played on two synthetic courts. Altogether 32 teams, 16 men’s and 16 women’s (448 players in all), took part in the four-day championship.

This year Janani made a significant contribution in the sponsorship by providing 1,000 branded T-Shirts and 1,000 branded Caps to the Organizing Committee free distribution among the players and other officials.

January 2015

Mobile Van Unit

In January 2015, a total of 6 IUCD mobile van days were organized, where 62 new clients underwent IUCD insertion and 25 visited for follow-up check-ups. On occasion of Republic Day government officials of Samstipur district have visited to IUD mobile van with D.Q.A.C. team.

IUCD van at PHC, Samstipur on event of
Republic Day

IUCD insertion room in Mobile Van

Khagra Mela (Annual Fair at Kishanganj)

This historical "Khagra Mela" started by Syed Ata Hussain in the year 1950 as a Krishi Pradarshini (Agriculture Exhibition).Time passed by and Pradarshini got converted into current Khagra Mela, an annual fair . Khagra Mela was once considered one of the biggest fairs of Bihar and the country as well. And thereafter, being inaugurated every year on 26th January and the fair goes for one month till February end. Businessmen from different parts of the country came here to participate at the mela. As a promotional activity Janani has put up stall and promoted the Surya rage of the contraceptive and our stall was inaugurated by Civil Surgeon of District Health Society, Kishanganj.

1. Stall put-up with all Surya rage of of products

2. Civil Surgeon of Kishanganj reviewing Janani’s stall

July 2014

World Population Day

On this ‘World Population Day’ Janani organized various events in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in coordination with Government functionaries.

In Jharkhand the event was inaugurated by Hon’ble State Health Minister. He also visited to Janani’s stall with Mission Director NRHM and gave his valuable time at our stall and taken information on our products & services. Moreover, asked about our existing Clinics in Jharkhand. We had put up a Surya Stall at the event where we distributed leaflets; and counseled approximately 1,000 people on family planning.

In Bihar World Population Day events were inaugurated by Civil Surgeon, Nodal Officer Family Planning. There wererallies together with Janani team and District Health Provider. Also we had put up Surya Stall, where district officials reviewed the available Surya range of Family Planning products.

In Uttar Pradesh on occasion of WPD, Surya Clinic Team had participated in a rally organized by the district health society from Eklavya Sports Stadium to the District Hospital. Janani also installed our canopy stall inside the District Hospital where all our family planning products were displayed. The ACMO (Associate Chief Medical Officer) was provided all information on our clinical services, counseling, literature, and fee structure. After finishing the rally, pamphlets, broachures, &Panchratan books (Indian story book) were distributed to all the participants.

WPD inaugurated by Civil Surgeon, Nodal
Officer Family Planning, Bihar

Representative review the available Surya
rage of Family Planning products, Bihar

Janani’s stall where nurses and motivators
getting details on products and services
available, Jharkhand

Health Minister of Jharkhand visited Janani’s
stall and signed visitor book

Rally organized by District Health Society,

Stall at CMO Office, UP

Paper clips: coverage of Janani’s activities on WPD in local Newspapers

Outreach camps

Throughout Bihar there was a Swashthya Pakhwara (Health Fortnightly) celebration on the occasion of World Population Day in every district during the month of July organized by the District Health Society; where Janani was offered to conduct family planning camps. The Swashthya Pakhwara had built interest among camp organizers as well as surrounding communities to promote sterilization. Government health functionaries were also involved in client generation during Swashthya Pakhwara where, motivators were offered additional incentive of Rs 100. Therefore, in the month of July’14 a total 1,061 female sterilizations and 44 male sterilizations were performed through outreach service. The best performance was 52 ligations in one outreach camp at West Champaran district by the help of two Surgeons and 46 sterilizations in one outreach camp in Patna.

May 2015

May 2015 Meeting with Motivators : To set-up a series of smaller rewards throughout the year to motivate ongoing performance of Surya Health Promoters, the meeting with them conducted in Sariakela. Moving away from the monetary aspect of incentive programs Janani has recognized good performers and has gifted them non-monetary items. It has proven that gift works well, as one of our SHPs who were rewarded had referred 8 clients to Surya Clinic in month of May. In future, the same incentive scheme at all the places is being proposed by Regional Manger of Jharkhand.

Client generation : Pre- operative assessment: The client generation team has initiated a pre- operative assessment of clients who are going to have an operation or a surgical procedure performed under a general/local anesthetic. The team moves door to door along with Surya Health Promoter (SHP) of villages, meet with women and do counsel them on appropriate family planning methods available at Surya Clinic. Once counseling is done they organize the pre-operative check-up in place of SHP, where all clients who are interested to adopt family planning come and get the test done. Basically the pre-operative check-up includes BP test, anemia and pregnancy test, after assessment the women who are found eligible being referred to our nearest Surya Clinic.

July 2015

World Population Day : On this ‘World Population Day’ Janani has organized various events in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in coordination with Government functionaries. In Bihar mostly the events were inaugurated by Civil Surgeon, Nodal Officer Family Planning. There were rallies together with Janani team and District Health Provider. Also we had put up Surya stall, where the representative of district reviews the available Surya rage of Family Planning products and services.

WPD inaugurated by Civil Surgeon, Nodal Officer Family Planning, Bihar

Representative review the available Surya rage of Family Planning products, Bihar

Prabhat Pheri (Rally) with Govt. Health Officer

Media coverage: Janani’s contribution on World Population Day

In Jharkhand the event was inaugurated by Mr. Ramchandra Chandravanshi - Hon'ble Health Minister, Jharkhand in presence of Mr. K. Vidyasagar - Principal Secretary Health & Education - Jharkhand, Dr. Sumant Mishra - Director in Chief – NHM Jharkhand, Dr. M.N. Lal - Head - FP Cell along with other State and District Level dignitaries held on 11th July 2015; participated by Janani.

Janani’s stall where nurses and motivators getting details on products and services available, Jharkhand

Janani’s stall where nurses and motivators getting details on products and services available, Jharkhand

Visitors gathering at Surya Stall, Ranchi

Sahiya (ASHA) visied to Surya Stall

In Uttar Pradesh new customized van by Janani for Clinical Outreach Team (COT) is now ready to provide outreach family planning services. COT is a fully staffed and well-equipped team that provide services at any public sector site which does not have the required manpower or facilities to provide services. COT offers a choice of FP services to clients – Tubectomy – Laparoscopic or mini-lap; Non Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV); intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD); Emergency Contraceptive Pills; Oral Contraceptive Pills and Condoms.

Allahabad CMO Dr. Padmakar Sinha inspected the van and as well showed his keen interest in this new initiative of Janani. After inspection CMO, gave us assurance for full support as well as self-suggested us to get this Project inaugurated on the occasion of World population Day (11th July 2015) as well as also suggested us that will get this van flagged through District Magistrate.

CMO inspecting the Van in CMO Office Allahabad.

Media Coverage - This media coverage was initiated and supported by CMO Office

December 2014

Mobile Van Unit

In December 2014, a total of 14 IUCD days through the mobile van were organized, where 100 new clients underwent IUCD insertion and 113 visited for follow-up check-ups.

On Friday, 9th December 2014, Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi inaugurated 7 IUCD mobile vans named 'Mobile Surya Clinics' for extension of Family Planning service to low-income communities in 7 districts of Bihar. The inauguration ceremony was held in front of the Bihar Legislative Assembly Building. Services through these Mobile Vans will be start from January 2015 in seven underserved districts (Begusarai, East Champaran, Gopalganj, Khagaria, Patna, Samastipur, Saharsa and West Champaran), and IFHI intervention areas, led by Care-India. Each IUCD mobile van will aim to go out 15-20 days in a month and deliver 150- 200 IUCD insertions per van.

7 Mobile Vans ready to operate IUCD service
in Bihar

CD of Janani inspecting the vans before the
launch event

Last Mile Outreach

For the first time Janani’s outreach sterilization team used boats reach flooded, inaccessible areas in Saharsa district of Bihar. The team comprising a doctor, an ANM, a Paramedic and an ABM had to cross flooded rivers in a makeshift raft. The sterilization camps reached lasted eight days and performed 206 ligations.

1. Team crossing the river

2. The team carrying meals and supplies

The Civil surgeon, government of Bihar expressed appreciation for our work saying that Janani is playing a very important role in population stabilization in Bihar, through its owned Surya clinics and outreach family planning camps.

Left : Newspaper clip describes our services and clinics strength in Purnea district of Bihar Right: Newspaper clip describes about NSV camps orgnasied in Banka district with tage line ‘Male participation in making Happy Family’